Doggie Ear Wash


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Soothing Relief for Itchy Ears!

Doggie Ear Wash 

Over 50% of the dogs visiting the veterinarian for ear issues end up simply being “dirty” and NOT infected. It’s when they dig that their own toenails cause infection.

God made this wonderful creature with large funnels on the sides of its head (ears). As these funnels collect dirt & particulate, mixing with ear wax, your canine friend begins to feel very uncomfortable.

You and Doggie Ear Wash can soothe the pain, calm the itch, and cleanse the ear canal without probing. It contains aloe vera which aids in the healing process.

Directions: Fill the ear canal and massage at the base of the ear. Allow your pet to shake it out. DO NOT probe the ear with any objects, i.e. cotton applicators. Towel dry the outside and watch your dog relax.

They will be perfectly clean and stop the itch – This is often used with Doggie-N-Zymes. It’s a great combination. If yeast spores get knocked into the ears from the paws – Vet visit! Keep the ears clean!!

Doggie Ear Wash is made from purified water, certified organic plant extracts, and essential oils.

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