Doggie Anti-Itch


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Calming and Relieving. Sooth the Scratching and Itching and Leave Your Dog Feeling Great!

Doggie Anti-Itch:

Dogs that lick & chew themselves have an enzyme in their saliva that erodes the epidermal layer of the skin & makes it tender & sore. They will continue to lick to try to heal themselves – making it worse.  Doggie Anti-Itch stops the itching sensation and allows the Aloe Vera to begin the healing process.

Hot Spots and skin sores. Use Doggie Anti-Itch to stop the itch, cool the inflammation, and allow the Aloe Vera to aid in restoring the skin & hair.


Spray and finger massage into the affected areas 3-4 times per day until your dog ceases from the constant need to lick, scratch, and/or chew. (This is usually used to comfort your dog’s symptoms while Doggie-N-Zymes serve to alleviate the cause.)

For the normal “prickly itch” from the environment, spray liberally on the affected areas as necessary.

Doggie Anti-itch is made from purified water, organic herbs are known for their antipruritic and calming effect, and aloe vera for its healing qualities.

100% organic and derived from plant matter.

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